Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Struggle of Some Day

Some day is a phrase I often mutter to myself. Some day I'll finish this project or that one. Some day I will wake up feeling energized and enthusiastic. Some day I will find that reserve of patience that gentles my words. 

Some day feels like a benediction--the shade of hope that all that I strive for will come to fruition. Some day feels like a curse--a Sysiphesian cycle of chasing one's goals to no avail. 

Although the notion is contradictory, it is possible to feel both sides of some day simultaneously. I begin most tasks with some momentum, even as frissons of hopelessness hang like tendrils of dread at all that lies ahead. But I begin anyway.

Struggle is, even at its worst, a reminder of life that is lived, not just breaths into a void.  

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